Center of Excellence

In 2012, Lucid Energy opened its first Center of Excellence within the Western Water District in Riverside, California. This is the first permanent installation of the LucidPipe Power System in the United States.  Prior to this permanent installation, Lucid Energy successfully piloted 3 generations of its conduit hydro system within the same potable water system at Riverside, California.  The 3rd generation prototype quickly and continuously fed over 23 megawatt hours of renewable electricity to the grid.

The performance data gathered from these pilots along with a rigorous testing program at the Utah Water Research Laboratory over the span of 2 years has paved the way for multiple LucidPipe projects in our key target markets:

Municipal water transmission and distribution pipelines
Agricultural water transmission and distribution pipelines
Wastewater effluent pipes/pipelines from
•    Wastewater treatment plants
•    Industrial effluent
•    Desalination plants
•    Electrical power plants